Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life at Milligan!

School is winding down and I am suuuuper busy. I am in charge of a Multicultural Fashion show at my school and it has taken ALL my free time (and some homework time). I also work on campus in the call center and take 16 credits. Things are quite hectic and non-stop. I feel a bit estranged from alot of my friends, but that is the price of leadership. A friend of mine, Seyi, visited my school this weekend. He is helping me by designing and sewing several dresses for the show. He came down from DC to fit each model and make alterations. The official date of the show is Thursday, April 26th! 

The necklace I am wearing in all three pictures is my grandmothers. She recently died over a month ago and I love this necklace and wear it alot to remember her by. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

New school new look

This is my new style and I love it! crochet braids with janet collection toyokalon hair called dreadloc braid. It was a total of $20 for 4 packs. You cant tell but there is a few red locs in there as well. I have gotten so many black people that acutally ask me if it is my real hair. This picture shows me a month into the style. I have not slept with a scarf or bonnet on once! This style took me a total of 3 hours!! Definitely a new fav :)
My new school is Milligan College Johnson City, TN!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall looks and news

Life in brandon, SD has been hectic to say the least. I just got back from a trip to raleigh, NC. I visited my old school there as well as friends. I was able to encourage and enable several of my sisters who had gone natural but had been struggling with a number of hair issues since I left the school. I also have been sharing advice with people via Facebook. This exchange of ideas and tips is most enjoyable. :) as of right now my hair is in need of inspiration. The bun I had been wearing was super cute, but I am on to the next look! I need to pay close attention to protecting my ends. They seem a bit dry lately. I was going to wait until December to try a new style with weave but it's getting cold out here in south dakota and I need to keep my head warm! Lol. So I will try the silky locs using the crotchet braiding technique next. More on that to come. Also to come pics of my latest styles n a video about how I use my vegetable glycerin to moisturizer my hair. This video is for a friend but I hope it's helpful to others as well. Ttyl!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hair challenge update and midterms

Sooo, I have been veering off my schedule somewhat but overall I have been keeping up with my hair challenge. I am about to start twist outs next. This is one style I dread because I do not have very thick hair. But we will see!!!! Also going to try henna after I read through CurlyNikki's thorough information. I am considering red. This week I wore a mohawk using kinky curly in the middle and for the first time really liked the results now that my hair is getting a bit longer. I also found a protective style I really like and will try soon. Ill leave that as a surprise lol.

Midterms....ughh. Stats was a trying exam. Hope it went better then it felt. All Other classes went well though. Half way there!!! writing my scholarship essay this week. Hope its a winner. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pre-poo options review 3-Aloe vera gel


 So I haven't been sticking quite to my original plan with the pre-poo. I am low on honey right now so i'm going to try the aloe vera gel with jojoba oil and coconut oil ( and a few drops of rosemary). Updates tomorrow morning on how this goes.

I have been spraying my hair every couple days with my veggie glycerin spritz to bring back the life to my kinky curly curling custard finger coils. It really helps bring shine, and keeps my hair really really soft.
I also try to use castor oil on my roots at least two times a week. I know this is down from before, but now I am using the cold-press castor oil instead of the Jamaican Black Castor Oil mix. Since I am using this castor oil straight -too much gets too sticky.

I really think the Deep Conditioning has help my hair to start growing and the moisture is helping to retain length. I missed a Deep Co this weekend since I was out all weekend for homecoming. However my hair is fine and is just starting to look dirty so that's why I am doing my pre-poo early.

All in all I am enjoying life :) Midterms next week.....enough said. Presentation and speech tomorrow afternoon, then stats quiz at night. Time to get  my study on!

hair mood: happy and ready for a DC

Saturday, September 24, 2011

pre-poo options review 2-Castor oil

Castor oil pre-poo: check!
I used cold press castor oil  and water as my pre-poo and I was very happy with the results. My hair tends to be very dry so the thicker oils work better on my hair.

p.s. I am going to stop using olive oil on my hair and start using Safflower oil. This gives me much better results then Olive oil, I notice olive oil works better on people with softer/straighter hair then mine.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

pre-poo options review 1

Trial 1.
Coconut oil, EVOO, and tresemme conditioner pre-poo.....negative.
I didnt think it was that impressive on my hair. I left it in overnight. Soo...on to the next.